After a Blood Clot, Life Has Updated Rules: Jeff’s Story

After a Blood Clot, Life Has Updated Rules: Jeff’s Story

About nine months ago, I was diagnosed with a DVT from my upper thigh down to my calf. The diagnosis was lupus anticoagulant, an auto immune disorder that requires me to be on blood thinners for life.

I am an avid cyclist, doing up to 100 miles per week. At first my hematologist told me no more bike riding outdoors, which caused more depression than the idea of dying from a blood clot. It sounds silly, but my bike and the open road are my therapy.

After a couple of dark months of wallowing in self-pity, my hematologist realized I need my bike rides and approved me to do so, at my own risk. It still took about two months to get back on my bike. The fear of bleeding to death from a wreck, or dislodging the blood clot to become a PE was intense.

Thanks to Team Stop the Clot on Facebook, I learned that life isn’t over after a clot. It just has some updated rules.


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