Blood Clots are More Common Than People Realize: Hector’s Story

Blood Clots are More Common Than People Realize: Hector’s Story

I have always been physically active, but I had slowed down as our family grew. I was smack in the middle of getting back into steadily working out when, after a 10-mile morning bike ride, I started experiencing pain in my left leg.   

The pain started on a Friday morning and intensified over the weekend, causing my previous back injury to also become intolerable. By Monday, I was in the ER getting an ultrasound. They found an extensive blood clot in my left leg, or deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and set me up for a thrombectomy, a procedure in which the clot is removed.  

Doctors removed some of the clotting from the left knee to the abdomen. A post-surgical CT scan revealed small bilateral clots in my lungs, or pulmonary emboli (PE). I’m now on blood thinners and back on my journey to getting in shape.   

Other than some swelling, also known as post-thrombotic syndrome, and nerve numbness in my heel, I’m feeling good and positive about getting better. I will have another ultrasound in the fall to see if things have cleared up or if blood thinners will be part of my life from now on. 

All post-clot tests came back negative and all blood results were normal. So, I don’t have any answers as to why this happened.  

This experience has taught me that DVTs and PEs are more common than people realize. I’ve also learned how a health scare impacts your life and the lives of those around you. 


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