‘Am I Going to Die?’: Christopher’s Story

‘Am I Going to Die?’: Christopher’s Story

I had an injury to my forearm in June 2022. Less than a week later, I started getting severe chest pains. I was taken to the hospital with c-reactive protein test (CRP) markers of 93 and was sent home with antibiotics.  

A week later, I experienced the same pain, but worse. This time a CT scan showed six bilateral pulmonary emboli.  

I was devastated. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for 32 years and recently studied to be a mental health coach. I needed every ounce of training to keep my head together. Am I going to die? Google says I could. Major panic.   

I composed myself, kept calm, and looked at what I needed to do. I need my mind and body to be as healthy as possible to stop this and see my kids grow up. I cleaned up my diet and did a gut health reset program.    

Now I’m focused and feeling better, on apixaban (Eliquis), and awaiting my next scan. Without my training and ability to keep composed and rational, I’m not sure I’d still be here.  

I do not have any risk factors that may have contributed to my blood clotting experience. This has made me realize that problems can hit us at any time, so enjoy life and be the best possible version of yourself.   


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