Don’t Give Up, Keep Going: Alejandra’s Story

Don’t Give Up, Keep Going: Alejandra’s Story

In March 2019, I woke up with my left leg all red and swollen. Thanks to God and the speed with which I received medical attention, the doctors saved my life and also my leg.

I was in hospital for four days and I had two surgeries. They put a filter in my vena cava and a stent in my iliac vein.

My current diagnosis is chronic deep thrombosis, I still have my filter, will take blood thinners for life, and wear compression stockings.

My deep vein thrombosis was unexplained, I had no family history of thrombosis, I was healthy, and did not suffer from any diseases.

Although my life has changed since that day and I often have many fears and days when my health is not good, I have made the decision to live day by day with joy, to work bringing joy to others, and to enjoy every moment with my dear husband and children.

My advice to others is to be aware of the changes in your body, don’t ignore the symptoms, go to the doctor, and follow the indicated treatments.

Don’t give up, keep going. Every day is a new opportunity to be grateful for having survived, it is a new opportunity to love yourself and those around you.

I’m thankful to NBCA for allowing me to know other stories of survival and to share mine with you.


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