Volunteer Spotlight – Our Most Valued Volunteers (MVVs)

Volunteer Spotlight – Our Most Valued Volunteers (MVVs)

Join us in congratulating this season’s Most Valuable Volunteers…making a difference in their home field by raising funds and awareness to Stop The Clot®  NBCA is proud to honor these outstanding volunteers for bringing help and hope to their clotting community and beyond!

Who: Jim Fenton
What: Triad Half Marathon & Cannon Ball Run
When: August and October 2011
Where: Greensboro, NC

Jim is pulling out all the stops to Stop The Clot – he competed in the Triad Half Marathon in August and in October in ran the Cannon Ball Run (which he also finished last year!) In both events he reached a personal best and completed the courses in less than 2 hours while raising about $1000 for NBCA! Jim tells us: “People commented and asked me about my polka dotted race shirt throughout the day so I was able to spread the word about the fight against blood clots as well”.

 Jim Fenton

Who: Dan, Steve and Andy Flanagan
What: Jim Flanagan Memorial Golf Tournament
When: August 13, 2011
Where: Indianapolis, IN

Dan, Steve and Andy hosted the Jim Flanagan Memorial Golf Tournament to honor the memory of their father. Jim died this past January of a fatal pulmonary embolism (PE). Touched by so many people who paid tribute to their dad upon his death, his sons organized this event as a means of spreading awareness about blood clots and clotting disorders while raising funds for NBCA.   Thanks to the Flanagan Family, thirty foursomes enjoyed a day of golf at the Eagle Creek Golf Course and raised over $5200 to Stop The Clot
   Jim Flanagan

Who: Cheryl Fishman
What: 2nd Annual Kicks for Clots
When: September 10, 2011
Where: Ocean City, NJ

Cheryl, a multiple blood clot survivor at 26, successfully organized a second kickball tourney for NBCA last month and we can’t wait for next year! Cheryl and her brother, Nate, make sure everyone has fun in the sun while bringing awareness and education about the risks, signs and symptoms of clotting disorders to her community for a cause close to her heart. Cara Lynch won the top fundraising prize of tickets to a Yankee’s game and team Brother Shamus took home the priceless trophy! Over 40 players from all over the country raised $6400 while kicking that big red ball!

      Cheryl (in red)

Who: Roland Varga
What: Portage Lakes Triathlon
When: September 18, 2011
Where: Akron, OH

Roland, NBCA’s inspiration for the NAThlete Program, completed his 60th triathlon! WOW! Roland is our original “Clot Buster”; a great coach and mentor to those already running and those just starting out. We are among the many that look to Roland for motivation when approaching that first or last mile! He’s been working those polka dots to raise funds for blood clot awareness for about 5 years now! Roland also does an awesome job highlighting an athlete each month – check out his blog:  http://clot-buster-triathlete.blogspot.com


  Roland with Son Ian

Who: Sally Vitez
What: Funky Blues Bar Fundraiser
When: November 12, 2011
Where: Washington, DC

Sally’s involvement with the NBCA began in memory of Anna Frutiger, her dear friend, who died at only 23 from a PE due to an undiagnosed deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Sally’s efforts at raising funds and awareness to Stop The Clot® started when she became a NAThlete for the Marine Corps Marathon and raised nearly $6000.   Next month, Sally hosts a super Saturday night event at Madams Organ Blues Bar , 2461 18th Street NW, Washington DC from 7:00 – 9:00. Entry to this bluesy fundraiser is only $10 and all proceeds benefit the NBCA. Join Sally and her friends for great musical performances by Steve Kolowich, Noah Bein and Bernardo Guzman.


  Sally Vitez

Who:  Jana Wasserman
When:  January 29, 2012
Where:  Miami, FL
What:  ING Half Marathon

Jana, who noticed a blind spot in her right eye, went on a mission to find out what happened.   A blood clot was diagnosed; she met her hematologist and after extensive blood work, had an answer:  not one, but two genetic clotting disorders. Now, she confidently manages her conditions and is sure she will “dodge another clot”. Jana tells us, “I’m excited to train in honor of this wonderful cause. I’ve always enjoyed running and know that staying active and healthy is one way to decrease the chance of forming another clot. I’ll run the ING Miami Half Marathon and be proud to wear the NBCA’s red dotted shirt to remind others to Stop The Clot

Jana Wasserman

With a little coaching, you could be our next MVV!

Are you already a running in a marathon or just thinking about walking in that local 5K?  NBCA’s NAThlete program is designed to turn your activity into an opportunity to raise funds and awareness to Stop The Clot!  We’ll help you tackle the challenge – contact Kristen atkholgerson@stoptheclot.org

More good news, Dan Flanagan joins past MVV’s, Traci Wilkes Smith, Kara King and Sara Wassenaar and new board member Shawna Baffone on NBCA’s Special Events Committee.  This committee is positioned to mentor volunteers interested in organizing an event to raise funds and awareness in their community. Contact Judi at jelkin@stoptheclot.org if you’d like to start you own Stop The Clot event!

Approximately 350,000-600,000 Americans have blood clots each year.  About 100,000 die, meaning up to 1 out of 3 people are killed by venous blood clots.

Thank you for your past, present and future donations to Stop the Clot!

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