NBCA Launches YouTube Channel

NBCA Launches YouTube Channel

January 23, 2010 Tarry Towne, NY – The National Blood Clot Alliance announced today the official launch of its Stop The Clot® YouTube channel.  The Channel is available online at: http://www.youtube.com/user/stoptheclot .  The Channel currently contains educational content from the Stop The Clot patient forum series that explores the medical causes of blood clotting disorders, treatment, patient experiences, coping with thrombophilia, genetic testing and even a section on how to start a support group.

Other content includes educational animations and interviews with patients and doctors.  Much of the content has been sorted into playlists for viewing by topic.  The playlists are here: http://www.youtube.com/user/stoptheclot#g/p

While NBCA has the ability to host streaming video on its website at www.stoptheclot.org, NBCA chose to host its video content on YouTube because it has greater reach, allows interaction, users ratings and the ability of YouTube users to rate the content.  Of course, people browsing the web don’t have to have a YouTube account to view the content and the YouTube content is also available right on the NBCA site courtesy of a shared link.  The following topics can viewed by clicking them:

The mission of the National Blood Clot Allianceis to prevent, diagnose and treat thrombosis and thrombophilia through research, education, support and advocacy.  For additional information about clotting disorders or the activities of NBCA, call (914) 220-5040.

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