2023-2024 Community Thrombassador Awards

2023-2024 Community Thrombassador Awards

On April 23, 2024, NBCA Community Thrombassadors – a network of patients and caregivers trained to spread blood clot education, awareness, and prevention in their communities came together to celebrate their incredible work and accomplishments in 2023, and bestow special acknowledgements on eight individuals who displayed exceptional commitment and impact.

Impressive Impressions Award

This award goes to someone who went out of their way to reach individuals with life-saving information about blood clots, resulting in significant impressions during their outreach activities. This person jumped on every opportunity to raise awareness and showed commitment to sharing blood clot information to the broader population.

Chantelle McSharry, Scotland

International Thrombassador Chantelle McSharry of Scotland has a dedicated Instagram profile @unmasktheclot, where she actively promotes blood clot awareness, creates educational videos, and shares valuable content with her followers.

Chantelle was crowned Miss Voluptuous International and used the stage to share her personal blood clot story and spread awareness to hundreds of other young women. She was also featured in various magazine articles and even started a local support group for blood clot survivors. Chantelle seizes every opportunity to raise awareness and continues to make impressive impressions, leaving a mark on all those she encounters. 

Resilient Recognition Award 

This award goes to someone who showcased resilience and immense efforts as a Thrombassador to build increased awareness among communities at risk for blood clots.  

Jacarrra Lampkin, Tennessee

Through initiatives like her Stop the Clot vendor booth at the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Wellness Fair in Nashville, TN,  Jacarra Lampkin of Tennessee has demonstrated a strong commitment to reaching at-risk minority communities with vital information about the signs and symptoms of blood clots.

Jacarra celebrated her birthday by partnering with Rolled4Ever, a Black-owned ice cream shop, which donated 10% of that day’s proceeds to her NBCA fundraiser. Jacarra’s resilience and outreach exemplifies her dedication to championing initiatives for greater awareness and prevention. Read Jacarra’s story.

Outstanding Outreach Award

This award goes to someone who supplied life-saving information about blood clots to as many different organizations as possible and went above and beyond in conducting impactful outreach within their community.

Hannah Lipton, Ohio

Hannah Lipton of Ohio provided resources about blood clot risks during pregnancy and postpartum at a Babies and Bumps event in Columbus, OH. She engaged with more than 100 new and expecting parents and organizations — including The Ohio State University and Columbus Public Health — distributed educational materials, and shared her personal experience as a blood clot survivor provoked by childbirth.

In addition to her on-the-ground advocacy, Hannah’s fundraising efforts have made a significant impact in supporting NBCA’s mission. From organizing an in-person team for NBCA’s Race to Stop the Clot® Fun Run, to hosting a successful Yoga Flow fundraiser, Hannah’s dedication to raising both funds and awareness is commendable. Read about her Volunteer of the Month recognition.

Inspiring Innovation Award

This award goes to someone who was creative in their approach to raising awareness about blood clots and utilized a unique platform or had innovative ideas to reach new audiences.

Kristin Billings, North Carolina

Kristin Billings, representing North Carolina, participated in two national pageants this past year and seized every opportunity to advocate for blood clot awareness. She spoke publicly on numerous occasions, educating others about the signs and symptoms of blood clots, and even recorded her own public service video on the subject.

Driven by her passion to make a difference, Kristin sought out unique fundraising initiatives to support NBCA. She partners with the Got Sneakers? campaign, where she collects old tennis shoes to raise funds for NBCA while also helping to reduce waste in landfills. Reflecting on her efforts, Kristin feels deeply honored and humbled to receive recognition for her contributions to this important cause.

Read about Kristin’s Volunteer of the Month recognition.

Powerful Partnerships Award

This award goes to someone who partnered with local organizations to host blood clot awareness events and went out of their way to create meaningful partnerships in their community.

Heather Beissel, Pennsylvania

Heather Beissel has shown exceptional dedication to community outreach and collaborations in raising blood clot awareness. She established a meaningful partnership with a local business offering childbirth education, lactation consulting, and family therapy services. She was permitted to print and display pertinent blood clot awareness materials throughout the facility.

Additionally, Heather reached out to childbirth educators to discuss potential sessions focusing on the signs, symptoms, and risks of blood clots during and after pregnancy. She also shared vital blood clot education resources at a local community day event.

During Blood Clot Awareness Month, Heather shared daily blood clot facts on social media and participated in the 100,000 Reasons Challenge. Notably, Heather conducted an anonymous survey on her personal Facebook page to better understand her community’s understanding of blood clots and help refine her outreach strategy in 2024. Read Heather’s story.

Amazing Advocacy Award

This award goes to someone who made every effort at a congressional level to spread the word about blood clots and went out of their way to reach out to local representatives in their community. 

Dan Walsh, Florida

With outreach that has reached more than 800 individuals, Dan’s advocacy efforts have been commendable. His collaboration with Orlando Health’s cardiologists underscores the power of partnership, while his strategic use of social media has sparked meaningful conversations and forged alliances to strengthen community health initiatives.

Dan, who is also a member of our Board of Directors, has advocated for blood clot funding on Capitol Hill with NBCA for two consecutive years. His contributions and commitment to raising blood clot awareness have earned him the Amazing Advocacy Award.

Thrombassador Rookie of the Year Award

This award goes to someone who showed true commitment during their first year as a Community Thrombassador and sets a positive example for future Thrombassadors. 

Egypt Bryant, New York

In 2022, Egypt experienced deep vein thrombosis and a pulmonary embolism while working in the pulmonary department of New York City hospital. This life-altering event ignited her passion for raising awareness, particularly within the Black community, where the impact of blood clots is disproportionately high. Immersing herself in research, Egypt discovered alarming statistics and became determined to make a difference. She uses her personal experience to educate and empower others, showcasing her commitment at events like the Caribbean-American health fair in Brooklyn, where she provided resources on blood clot symptoms and prevention. Egypt has shown exceptional commitment to advocating for health equity and empowering others to take control of their health.

Read Egypt’s story and her Volunteer of the Month recognition.

Community Thrombassador of the Year Award

This award goes to someone who shows true commitment to their role as a Community Thrombassador, spreads awareness at every opportunity, sets a positive example for future Thrombassadors. 

Kristie Fox, Ohio

Kristie’s dedication to raising blood clot awareness and supporting NBCA has earned her the Community Thrombassador of the Year Award! Kristie has been a driving force behind numerous events, from local festivals and golf outings to national platforms like the AmeriFest National Pageant. She has used speaking engagements to promote blood clot awareness, distributed resources, and even had a photo shoot to promote NBCA. Kristie also volunteered to join co-Thrombassador Hannah Lipton at the Bumps and Babies event in Columbus, OH, where she engaged with new and expecting parents and educated women on their risk for developing blood clots.

Kristie has also demonstrated remarkable commitment to advocacy on a national level. In 2023, she joined NBCA on Capitol Hill to advocate for increased funding for blood clot education and awareness. In addition, she formed a relationship with her local newspaper, the Germantown Press, where she reached thousands of readers with her blood clot story. Kristie’s efforts make her an outstanding recipient of this award, showcasing the kind of dedication that leaves a lasting impact.

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