Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon


Mark your calendTRM2ar as Team Stop the Clot® gets ready to run the Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon (TRM) on March 13, 2016, in Cary, North Carolina.

With fast and picturesque trails, this race has been recognized by Runner’s World as one of the 10 best new marathons.

“After reading about the blood clot survival story of one of our long-time supporters, I was compelled to reach out and see if there was any way we could have a positive impact and help to raise awareness and potentially save lives,” explains Kazem Yahyapour, TRM President and Founder. “I’m pleased we’re able to work with NBCA now to make this happen.”

Thanks to the unyielding dedication of Crystal Gordon, PE survivor and Team Stop the Clot alum (ING NYC Marathon 2013) for forging the collaboration between NBCA and TRM.  Her efforts enable runners to participate in the marathon while helping to raise funds for NBCA.

Register today using the code CLOT1.  This code will save you $5 on your race registration and 100% of each registration will be donated to the National Blood Clot Alliance. It’s a win-win!

“Each day, about 274 people lose their lives to deadly blood clots, which is why we’re so appreciative of the work that TRM and its incredible volunteers are doing to help support NBCA’s efforts to raise awareness about this pressing public health problem,” says Teresa Bordeaux, NBCA Board member and resident of Cary, North Carolina. “NBCA is honored to have the support of TRM and to be in this partnership with them.”
View the joint NBCA/TRM press release here:  The Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon and National Blood Clot Alliance Team Up to Stop the Clot®

To learn more about the signs and symptoms of blood clots, click here.

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