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Thrombophilia in Pregnancy

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March of Dimes
Yes What are
thrombophilias; What are symptoms; Risks during pregnancy; Most common
types; How thrombophilia diagnosed; Who should be tested; Treatment;

Thrombosis in Pregnancy

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Thrombosis in Pregnancy; Produced by Lifeblood: The Thrombosis Charity,
May 2004.
Yes Why are blood
clots more common in pregnancy? What are the symptoms of blood clots?
What are the treatments to prevent blood clots in pregnancy? High risk
groups for clots in pregnancy; Pregnancy after a history of a blood

Thrombophilia and Oral Contraceptive Use

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www.fvleiden.org By highlighting only Q and A; Progestins and combined oral
contraceptive pills; risks of DVT and PE with and without OCs

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