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AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

The Medical & Scientific Advisory Board of the National Blood Clot Alliance stresses the …

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variants of the virus that causes Covid-19

Variants of the Virus that Causes COVID-19

Vaccination against COVID-19 is now made all the more important due to the emergence of …

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covid-19 vaccination and blood clot risk

Getting Your Vaccine

Getting Your Vaccine The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has provided guidance for …

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Vaccine info

Vaccine Information Specific to the Clotting Community

Some important vaccine information specific to people affected by blood clots or clotting …

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Should Athletes Concern Themselves with Blood Clots?

Written by NBCA’s Sports & Wellness Institute Advisory Committee Member Bill …

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Preventing Hospital-Related Blood Clots

Spending time in the hospital can be a challenge for many reasons, and one of those challenges …

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Panel Discussion: Blood Clots & Women’s Health

The Anticoagulation Forum and the National Blood Clot Alliance held a conversation about …

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Support NBCA in Your Own Way!

Fundraising for the National Blood Clot Alliance has never been easier. Whatever your interests …

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Sandy’s Story

I still have the notes I wrote before visiting a doctor in April 2012: I am not feeling well. …

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Treatment Centers Specializing in Thrombosis and Thrombophilia

Below is a list of Treatment Centers Specializing in Thrombosis and Thrombophilia. They are …

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Apply for the Jennifer Luft Emerging VTE Clinician Research Award

The award is named in memory of Jennifer Luft, who suffered from pulmonary emboli in 2012 at age 23, resulting…

Take Action: Support Blood Clot Education Funding

Did you know there is little federal funding for blood clot education and awareness efforts in the United States? The…