‘For Every Day in May’ Wall of Dedications

Blood clots kill an average of 274 Americans every single day, so for every day in May that means 8,494 lives will be lost. We established the goal of raising $8,494 for NBCA in May to represent each of these lives lost.

girls at event

There are many special days of recognition throughout the month of May, such as Mother’s Day, National Hospital Week, Brothers and Sisters Day, Women’s Health Week, and Memorial Day. Whether you donated to celebrate a survivor, remember a loved one, or show your appreciation for someone who took part in your care or the care of a loved one – thank you for your generosity.

  • In memory of my dear husband, Ron Stewart, who saw 8 different people in the medical field for calf and back pain and not one thought to look at the possibility of his having blood clots. More training is needed for medical professionals.  -Jane Stewart
  • Further research.  Two children with both protein s and protein c deficiencies and one with blood clot history.  -Dawn DiBenedetto
  • Family member works for NBCA.  -Randy Palmer
  • I, fortunately, recovered from a severe DVT in 2011. Until I suffered a blood clot, I had no idea how prevalent and dangerous they were.     -Noreen Beatley
  • I have Factor V Leiden and the G20210A mutation inherited from my mother.     -Richard Henry
  • After knee replacement surgery, I suffered bi-lateral pulmonary embolisms and almost lost my life. My knowledge of PEs was non-existent.     -Deanne Williams
  • I am a person who had blood clots and PE’s.     -Barbara Leccese
  • Loss of someone due to a blood clot     -Jen Steinhauser
  • Survivor of Blood Clot(s).  Very important to educate and support this very important cause.          -Luis Valcarcel
  • My husband Joseph at the age of 52 died suddenly on January 26, 2016 of a DVT/PE. We miss him terribly every single day.     -Beth Ann Quagliariello
  • I have homocysteinemia and mthfr with 3 previous DVTs.  I support the efforts to STOP THE CLOT.     -Cara Underwood
  • I am a relative of Casey Cattell and want to help support her efforts with this important cause.     – Patricia Gallacher
  • I am a 3-year PE survivor this May as well.     -Jennifer Tehaney
  • I lost my daughter-in-law to a massive blood clot days after giving birth to her third daughter.     -Steve Senser
  • In honor of Debra von Sternberg and to help NBCA help those affected.     -Patricia Buonocore
  • It has been one year since I was in the hospital with my last clot. I am donating in honor of my mom who helped me get through it.     -Taylor Low 
  • Loss of more than one relative.     -Susan Leach
  • Clot survivor, clot free for 5+ years     -Gary Jacobs
  • For my Dad, Steve Arimoto     -Amy Paylor
  • I am a blood clot survivor. My son, sister, uncles & cousin are all blood clot survivors. Many others in my family carry the gene for Protein C Deficiency. I’m donating to aid research & education to prevent bloods clots.     -Deborah O’Donovan
  • I am a PE survivor     -Maricatherine Mullaney
  • I support NBCA because my heart breaks for any family who has lost a beloved child, spouse or parent.     -Beverly Seger
  • I survived DVT and PE in 2006! Keep the research and education going!!     -Mary Water
  • In honor of Eric O’Connor     -Lynne Humphrey
  • In honor of Susan Wolkenfeld     -Helen and Sandor Genet
  • In memory of Ali     -Mendel Mintz
  • In Memory of Ali Brovender     -Ellen & Eric Freling
  • In memory of Ali Senser     -Alyssa Celentano
  • My 24-year-old son, Garrett Bruce passed away unexpectedly of a blood clot on September 21, 2017.     -Martha Bruce

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