Volunteer Spotlight: Facebook Friends throughout the USA

Volunteer Spotlight: Facebook Friends throughout the USA

Our September Volunteer of the Month designation goes to 26 individuals from across the country who celebrated a birthday over the past few months and created a Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook to benefit NBCA.

Kudos to: Donna Acera, Michelle Alleger, Tee Cteam, Kimberly Costa, Kaitlyn Crinigan, Angela Foultz,, Jen Clarke Gelb, Michelle Hannam, Joe Harouni, Jacob Hermanson, Meg Hudgeons, Ange Ja, Claire Isabel Kiehl, K.M. Kolsch, Sierra Hagen Laddusaw, Cam McIntyre, Emily Mitchell, Ramona Roberts, Jill Rossnagle, Nicole Winders Schwalbach, Dawn Erickson Shumate, Doug Sloyer, Jessica Strange, Lacey Weatherford, Lisa Cowan Wells and Carolyn Williams. 

Together, this “team” of 26 individuals raised a total of $9,363 to support NBCA’s mission. We’re grateful and proud that these individuals took the time to raise funds on behalf of NBCA as they celebrated their birthdays, and we also thank all the family members and friends who contributed to the efforts of these 26 individuals. Imagine how much support might be funded if everyone who follows NBCA on Facebook — more than 23,000 people today — participated in this type of online fund raising. It’s actually easy to do with Facebook, and only takes a few minutes if you follow Facebook’s simple directions.

We are fortunate to have such thoughtful and generous supporters engaged with NBCA on Facebook. And, we hope that each of the 26 people who gave NBCA the gift of their support in this way have all of their birthday wishes come true.

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