Trey Smith Partners with the National Blood Clot Alliance

Trey Smith Partners with the National Blood Clot Alliance

At six feet, six inches tall and 321 pounds, Trey Smith is an imposing force on the football field, recording more snaps than any guard in the NFL in 2021. So, when this offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs chose the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA) as his charity of choice for the NFL’s “My Cause My Cleats” he set out to tackle blood clots with that same force and determination.

Being diagnosed with pulmonary emboli (blood clots in his lungs) completely changed Trey’s life and nearly derailed his promising football career. And like many others, Trey was initially misdiagnosed – told his breathlessness was due to an upper respiratory infection. Thankfully, Trey listened to his gut and continued to ask questions.

With this diagnosis, comes so many questions for patients. Over the next several months, Trey worked closely with a multi disciplinary medical team to come up with a plan that would allow him to continue the recommended anticoagulant therapy while also accommodating his high-risk lifestyle as an offensive lineman.

Since Trey’s initial blood clot diagnosis at the age of 18, he has made it his personal mission to increase public awareness about this illness that affects nearly one million Americans every year and encourages other athletes to share their blood clotting experiences.

Trey is partnering with the National Blood Clot Alliance to share his story with the public in order to help raise awareness and support NBCA initiatives. Watch Trey’s full interview with NBCA Ambassador and Olympic Medalist Swimmer, Katie Hoff.

Questions? Email: info@stoptheclot.org