Todd Robertson Joins NBCA Board of Directors

Todd Robertson Joins NBCA Board of Directors

The National Blood Clot Alliance is pleased to welcome Todd Robertson to its Board of Directors.

Todd Robertson is the Outreach Coordinator for River Programs at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. He has served the public in the Outreach, Communication, and Marketing Bureau for the last twelve years. He is a certified American Canoe Association canoe and kayak instructor and loves teaching people how to paddle efficiently and how to stay safe on moving water. When not teaching, he loves paddle-boarding with his dog and best friend, Jett.

In 2011, Todd suffered the first of six blood clots and in 2017 experienced a close call with his first pulmonary embolism. He is a carrier of the inherited clotting disorder, factor V Leiden, and is homozygous, making him aggressive in the abnormal clotting department. He is a motivational speaker for blood clot trauma recovery and is a local patient advocate for new patients. He is working on his first book, “Blood Clots: A Road Map to Recovery”.

Todd runs several Facebook support groups and has developed a level of trust and friendship with thousands of patients over the years. He loves to road and mountain bike, white water canoe, and stays active all year round.

Todd received his education in radio broadcasting at San Francisco State in the ’80s and was a radio host and producer for twenty years in Northern California.