Record Attendance at Boston Stop The Clot Forum

Record Attendance at Boston Stop The Clot Forum

“Be your own advocate!” … “Ask questions!” … “Know your risk factors!”

2013_Stop the Clot MGH 021_Patient PanelThese were some of the many messages patients and family members heard repeatedly at the Stop The Clot® Forum that NBCA held October 19th at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston.

Living With Blood Clots

In interactive exchanges, nationally recognized clinical experts and patient advocates educated those in attendance about understanding and living with blood clots and clotting disorders and how they can best be prevented, diagnosed and treated. Presenters stressed the importance of being knowledgeable, serving as your own best advocate, and asking questions of your providers and groups like NBCA that can provide answers.  

Are You At Risk For Blood Clots?

Jack Ansell, MD, Professor at New York University School of Medicine, discussed blood clot basics and the results of an NBCA study showing that terminology matters greatly to patient understanding when healthcare providers discuss blood clot risks, diagnoses, treatments and prevention with them. He emphasized the importance of clear and simple communication to achieve heightened awareness about this growing public health issue. Consumers should insist on it!

Diagnosis, Treatment, Women’s Health, and Blood Thinners

  1. Michael Jaff, DO of MGH, summarized the array of ways that blood clots can be effectively diagnosed and treated.
  2. Andra James, MD, from the University of Virginia focused on blood clots’ impacts on women, particularly in the childbearing and post-menopausal years.
  3. Catherine Cabral, PharmD, of Albany, NY, discussed practical safety tips pertaining to blood thinners and the importance of sticking to one’s treatment regimens.

Patients Share Their Stories

Lynn Oertel MS, clinical nurse specialist at MGH’s Anticoagulation Management Service (AMS) and a member of NBCA’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Board co-hosted the Forum. Lynn, along with her colleague, Diane DeTour RN, staff nurse at AMS, coordinated the event in collaboration with NBCA staff.  Diane also organized and moderated a very informative and inspiring patient panel discussion, an important aspect of the day’s schedule.  Panelists included:  Madolyn WilsonRachel MoynihanMark Voelkel and Pattie MacDowell.

Funding for this program and professional videography to capture it was provided under NBCA’s cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The video learning modules are now on our website, You Tube and other social media outlets! You can view them here: https://www.stoptheclot.org/news/stop-the-clot-forum-boston-2013.htm

The Stop the Clot Forum and professional videography to capture it is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Cooperative Agreement 5U27DD000545 “Health Promotion and Wellness for People with Clotting Disorders.” Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the CDC.