NBCA Presenting at Conference For Women Legislators

NBCA Presenting at Conference For Women Legislators

The National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA) is honored to be presenting for the first time at the National Foundation for Women Legislators’ annual conference in Orlando, Florida from November 16-18, 2023.

The conference, which brings together female lawmakers from across the country to collaborate with each other and exchange legislative ideas, is an opportunity for NBCA to develop new partnerships with state legislators who can help champion life-saving policies to enhance the awareness, timely diagnosis, prevention, treatment and surveillance of blood clots.

Leslie Lake, volunteer president of NBCA and Teresa Bordeaux, NBCA’s COO, will be educating legislators on the scope of this public health crisis and highlighting a ground-breaking bipartisan legislative success – Senate Bill 612 in Florida, also known as the Emily Adkins Prevention Act – which can serve as a template for other states.

SB 612 was passed unanimously by the Florida Legislature and signed into law earlier this year. It establishes the creation of a policy workgroup to examine how blood clots and pulmonary emboli affect the lives of Floridians and will make policy recommendations regarding the standard of care for blood clot patients.

NBCA will have a seat at the table — Lake accepted an invitation to be a member of the workgroup.

“The foundation was laid in Florida, and we now have a template that other states can use to bring similar blood clot prevention measures across the country,” Lake said. “This conference will allow us to foster bipartisan relationships with legislators and start putting an end to the countless lives lost to preventable blood clots.”

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