May e-Newsletter | Celebrate & Share During National Women’s Health Week

May e-Newsletter | Celebrate & Share During National Women’s Health Week

Join the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA) during National Women’s Health Week (NWHW), May 13-19, 2018, as we work with the Alexandra L. Rowan Memorial Foundation to provide women with life-saving information about birth control and blood clots, and to help them determine, along with their doctor, their risk for blood clots and their best birth control options. NBCA has some exciting, new efforts planned for NWHW this week. Find out how you can help share life-saving information about women and blood clots during NWHW here, and make sure to sign up for our Thunderclap effort this week here.

In addition to the risk for blood clots connected to hormonal birth control, women also may be at risk during pregnancy and childbirth, and when estrogen is used in the treatment of menopause symptoms later in life. Learn more at our dedicated Women & Blood Clots web portal here.

May e-Newsletter Highlights:

  • In recognition of National Women’s Health Week, NBCA is partnering with the Alex Rowan Foundation to provide women with essential information about women and blood clot risks. Click here to find out how you can get involved.
  • NBCA is excited to announce the launch of our new Women & Blood Clots Twitter account, where we will share important content singularly focused on information specific to women’s health and blood clots. Follow here.
  • For every day in May, help save lives with NBCA. About 8,494 Americans die each month due to blood clots. Help us raise $1 for each life lost now through May 31.
  • NBCA recently updated information on its website about thrombophilia or genetic blood clotting disorders, thanks to funding provided by Grifols USA. Read it here.
  • Upcoming events
  • More news and information

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