March e-Newsletter | Blood Clot Awareness Month

March e-Newsletter | Blood Clot Awareness Month

March is Blood Clot Awareness Month, or BCAM, and an opportunity to share life-saving information about dangerous blood clots on a broad scale. It also provides an opportunity for you to lend your voice to these efforts and make a difference, by helping to increase public awareness about blood clots. Join NBCA this March and Raise Your Voice to Raise Blood Clot Awareness.

March e-Newsletter Highlights:

  • During BCAM 2018, and in connection with our Stop the Clot, Spread the Word™ campaign, NBCA, in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is sharing information across the country about blood clots, including a feature article appearing in newspapers and online media sites nationwide and a radio spot being broadcast in major media markets throughout the country.
  • We are thrilled to unveil a new social sharing initiative called Share to Stop the Clot®Sign up in just three simple steps and start sharing the life-saving information that matters most.
  • Join our Thunderclap message today. Like any message, the more individuals who come together to share it, the better the message is heard.
  • Find out if your employer will match your donation. Click here and enter your company’s name.
  • Upcoming events
  • More news and information

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