February e-Newsletter | Listen to the Rhythm of Your Heart

February e-Newsletter | Listen to the Rhythm of Your Heart

Join NBCA in taking a closer look at atrial fibrillation, or AFib, in connection with National Heart Month, recognized each February. AFib is the most common form of irregular heart beat or arrhythmia, and a risk factor for clot-provoked stroke. Heart Month 2018 provides a prime opportunity for us to contribute to important AFib dialogue taking place nationwide this month, and to share the many resources we have available on the topic, including an AFib learning module for healthcare professionals. We encourage you to take care of your heart this month and learn more about AFib.

February e-Newsletter Highlights:

  • Dr. Jack Ansell shares his expert views about whether or not people prescribed warfarin can experience better outcomes with in this new MASAB Memo: INR home monitoring.
  • Join NBCA on March 15, as we host a CDC webinar for healthcare professionals focused on blood clot risks among surgical patients and featuring Dr. Michael Cassidy. Register here.
  • In recognition of Heart Month 2018, NBCA is taking a closer look at atrial fibrillation, AFib or AF, which can lead to serious medical complications, including clot-provoked stroke. Explore our resources.
  • Join NBCA throughout the month of March as our team steps it up and climbs 100,000 flights for the 100,000+ lives lost each year due to blood clots. This virtual stair climb is perfect for all fitness levels.
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  • More news and information

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