Impact of President’s Budget on CDC and DVT prevention

Impact of President’s Budget on CDC and DVT prevention

CDC brief fiscal year 2012

I just finished attending a CDC briefing on the impact of President Obama’s proposed fiscal year 2012 budget for CDC Division of Blood Disorders (DBD).  Funding for blood clot and clotting disorders surveillance, patient and health care provider education and outreach programs is provided through DBD. The bottom line is that President’s budget proposal is the same as the one for 2011, so that the proposed funding is flat for the next fiscal year which begins Oct 1, 2012. Given the deep cuts in the President’s 2012 budget, this is good news under the circumstances.

Dr. Hani Atrash, DBD Director pointed out that DVT prevention is a priority.   We need to keep it that way by making sure that we effectively communicate the enormous public health burden of blood clot related morbidity and mortality in the US.  I am thankful that the NBCA represents a unified voice of patient advocates and medical leaders to communicate this message.  And especially now we must increase our efforts to continue to do so.   This is especially important since the Congressional House Appropriations Committee has issued a report that if enacted would reduce funding in the current fiscal year (2011) and the President’s proposed 2012 budget has a long way to go through Congress.  We need to do our best to oppose these cuts especially for the support that is much needed to fight DVT.

Alan Bronwstein
Chief Executive Officer

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