NBCA Launches Nationwide Chapter Development Strategy

NBCA Launches Nationwide Chapter Development Strategy

The Board of Directors of the National Alliance for Thrombosis & Thrombophilia (NBCA) has launched the Chapter Development Plan it approved in November 2008. The Chapter Development Plan was prepared by the Chapter Development Task Force chaired by NBCA President Randy Fenninger and made up of Chapter and National leaders.

The chapter development strategy is intended to establish chapters (community-based organizations) in major markets across the U.S. Randy Fenninger said that “building a nationwide chapter network is essential if NBCA is to effectively fulfill its mission in combating the devastating effects of thrombophilia and thrombosis” by creating nationwide health promotion and wellness programs through collaboration with governmental agencies, private industry and community volunteers in cities, states and regions across America.

“Chapters are the critical link to education, advocacy and funding” said Fenninger. They are essential to NBCA’s success because it is in the local communities where NBCA will be most effective in achieving the 3-R’s: Reaching people with education, information and awareness programs; in raising funds for ongoing support and in normal recruiting volunteers to fulfill the mission.

NBCA’s first chapter officially launched in 2008 in Minnesota, and plans are currently underway to formalize chapters in North Carolina (Raleigh / Durham) and in the Washington DC market.

For further information about volunteering for NBCA in your community, please visit https://www.stoptheclot.org/natt_chapters.htm or emailchapters@stoptheclot.org.

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