New Educational Resource for Women

New Educational Resource for Women

The American Sash-clinical-newsociety of Hematology (ASH) has created a special patient education tear sheet focused on women’s health and blood clot risks, using information from NBCA’s own Women & Blood Clots educational campaign.

As part of our partnership with the Alexandra L. Rowan Memorial Foundation, we’re proud to have contributed to this important ASH educational tool, which ASH created for their professional medical membership and other healthcare professionals to share with their patients.

Learn more about this effort, as reported in ASH Clinical News here. View the patient education tear sheet here.

Women & Blood Clots

Throughout their lives, women face crucial choices that can contribute to their risk for life-threatening blood clots. Choices connected to family planning, pregnancy, and the treatment of menopause symptoms must be carefully weighed to reduce the risk of dangerous blood clots. NBCA created an educational program focused on the unique information needs of women.

As part of its Women & Blood Clots program, NBCA has created a suite of resources to help women better understand and evaluate their risk factors — particularly as they relate to estrogen-based birth control — and to recognize the signs and symptoms of dangerous blood clots.  You can learn more about this program at www.womenandbloodclots.org.

To assess your blood clot risks if you are considering your family planning and birth control options, use NBCA’s risk assessment survey and discuss the results with your healthcare provider.

For more information, contact NBCA’s Communications & Health Marketing Department at info@stoptheclot.org.