4th Annual Get in Rhythm. Stay in Rhythm.™ Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference

4th Annual Get in Rhythm. Stay in Rhythm.™ Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference

The 2017 Get in Rhythm. Stay in Rhythm.™ Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference, hosted by StopAfib.org, takes place this year, August 4-6, in Dallas, Texas.

The conference will provide important information about the management of Afib, and bring patients and leading experts in the field together for a unique opportunity to engage and learn about living your best life with Afib.

Conference Opportunities

If you’re living with atrial fibrillation, you don’t have to live in fear—and you don’t have to let your Afib control your life. The 4th Get In Rhythm. Stay In Rhythm.™ Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference is created by patients, for patients, so you can expect to learn what you really need to know, in order to reclaim your life. Each year, StopAfib.org brings the top Afib experts—the very people from whom doctors seek advice—to this conference. In addition to presenting their latest research, they take the time to speak with attendees between sessions, answering questions.
In short, you and your family members will develop a better understanding of Afib and:

  • The risk factors that can cause it
  • Why it’s a problem (including the relationship between Afib and strokes, and how to prevent strokes)
  • How it’s treated with medications
  • What procedures are available if medications don’t work
  • Lifestyle changes you can make to decrease your Afib burden
  • How to work effectively with your doctors
  • What the future holds

StopAfib.org, a nonprofit organization created by Afib patients for Afib patients, invites you to attend this weekend-long conference so that you and your loved ones can better understand Atrial Fibrillation, manage treatment, and possibly become Afib free.

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August 4-6, 2016

Fairmont Dallas
Dallas, Texas

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You can learn more about the details surrounding the conference and register for the event here: Event Registration Site.

To learn more about atrial fibrillation, visit NBCA’s Afib resources page, and check out the many Afib resources available at www.StopAfib.org.