While on warfarin, do I need to change my diet? Are there any foods to be careful with?

A balanced, healthy diet is always recommended, of course, but you can eat what you normally enjoy if you do so consistently. It is okay, and encouraged, to make the change to a healthier diet if you work with your healthcare provider to monitor your INR and make sure that you are becoming consistent with your diet.

Some of the healthiest foods that you can eat, including foods like broccoli and spinach, are high in vitamin K. You might read or be told that you need to be aware of your vitamin K intake, because vitamin K can interfere with how warfarin works or that it will make it less effective.

It’s always very important to understand how different things, like food, might affect how your medication works. However, if you eat these very healthy foods that are rich in vitamin K consistently – in the same amounts over time with no sudden changes – you can enjoy the wonderful nutritional benefits they provide as part of a healthy diet. You should talk with your healthcare provider before making any changes in what you eat. Most doctors would rather change your dose of anticoagulant than your diet.