How serious is the damage to my body after my blood clot?

Most of the time there will be no damage. The two places you could have lasting issues are in your leg and in your lung.  Damage in the leg would be from both the blood clot and the destruction of the valves that move blood along and cause swelling in the leg.  Most of the time this is just an inconvenience, but if you get significant swelling it may prevent you from doing a job where you must stand up repeatedly.  You may need to wear compression stockings to squeeze the blood back to the upper part of the body. As far as the lungs are concerned, 96% of the time there will be no serious damage, but 3 to 4% of patients develop post thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension where you might have some continued shortness of breath that requires a specialist to repair the damage done to the vessels in the lungs.