Pregnancy & Thrombophilia Patient Panel

Pregnancy & Thrombophilia Patient Panel

August 26, 2021
2:00 pm

If you are a woman of childbearing age who has been diagnosed with a blood clot or a clotting disorder, join the National Blood Clot Alliance and Grifols for a Facebook Live event as we hear from several patients discussing their experiences involving pregnancy and thrombophilia.


Danielle BarrettHereditary antithrombin deficiency patient

Sarah Henley Factor V Leiden patient 

Jessica McElroy Prothrombin 20210 (Factor II) patient and NBCA Board member

Dr. Rachel Rosovsky (Moderator) Hematologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, Director of Thrombosis Research for the Department of Hematology, and NBCA Medical & Scientific Advisory Board Member

Details and Information:

Don’t have Facebook? Anyone can watch the live stream here: NBCA’s Live Videos on Facebook

This event is possible thanks to the generosity of Grifols.

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