Blood clots kill an average of 274 Americans every single day, so for every day in May that means 8,494 lives will be lost. We established the goal of raising $8,494 for NBCA in May to represent each of these lives lost. Thanks to the generosity of NBCA Leadership and Board members, Teresa Bordeaux, Randy Fenninger, Kay Holcombe, and Maury Lieberman, all gifts up to $8,494 made before May 31, 2017 will be matched at a 2:1 ratio. Meaning, a gift of $100 will provide $300 of support for NBCA and triple the impact of your gift.

There are many special days of recognition throughout the month of May, such as Mother’s Day, National Hospital Week, Women’s Health Week, National Nurses Day, and Memorial Day. Whether you donated to celebrate a survivor, remember a loved one, or show your appreciation for someone who took part in your care or the care of a loved one – thank you for your generosity.

Keep up the great work NBCA!   – Lynn Levitt

In honor of JT – For more education, public awareness and support for those diagnosed.   – Jennifer Tehaney

Too many lives touched, way too many lost. Thanks for all you do.   – Vendi Advertising

Keep up the important work you do to bring attention to and prevent this life threatening condition that victimizes people of all ages.   – Joe Isaacs

So blessed to be a survivor!   – Kara King

NBCA – more power to you!   – Jan Brinkmann

Happy to assist with this wonderful effort by the dedicated people of NBCA.   – George Whipple

I am a survivor of bilateral PE’s and multiple DVT’s. I feel very fortunate to be here today!   – Maureen Beytagh

Remembering Anna and honoring Sara for her dedicated and relentless effort to educate young women and their families!   – Zbigniew and Irene Ratajczyk

In memory of Anna Frutiger.   – Paulajean and Nicholas Bosch

My Dad had blood clots in his lungs. He is still on blood thinners. So glad they caught it fast. Thanks for the work you do.   – Carole Duran 

In honor of my dad, Gene. My blood clot scared the heck out of me. 4 years later, and clot free, I’m hoping to see more awareness and support in all local hospitals.   – Sheree Clement

In memory of my wife, Katelyn Lahr, who I lost due to a PE. Clotting diseases need more research and education. Lives can change with awareness. Love and Miss you Katelyn!   – Christopher Lahr

In memory of my husband, Mark McKain and in honor of my son, James McKain. This cause is very important to me. My husband died at the age of 45 from a PE. My son was then diagnosed with DVT’s/PE’ and with protein deficiency.   – Katy McKain

In memory of Anna Frutiger.   – Jennifer Siefker

I am a survivor of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (blood clots in veins of the brain). More patient support is greatly needed. Thank you NBCA!   – Andrea Harness

In memory of Anna.   – Suzanne Dow

In Memory of Anna!   – Chandra Morse

In honor of my wife, Lisa Fireman.   – Barry Fireman

In memory of Anna Frutiger. I went to college with Anna … her legacy lives on in helping raise awareness around blood clots and preventing other tragic losses.   – Alison Beyrle

I choose to give because I almost lost my mom from a massive pulmonary embolism after we landed. I’ll always support NBCA in hope of saving more lives.   – Milee Thakkar

I’m a two-time survivor and I’ll do whatever I can to help raise awareness.   – Debra Turner Bryant

Remembering Anna!   – Kathleen Battle

In honor of surviving and living to tell my blood clot story to raise awareness!    – Jeanette Longobardi

In memory of Anna Frutiger.   – Jo Fairchild

I had DVT’s resulting in PE’s several years ago. Fortunately I made a full recovery, but afterward I started researching found out how deadly my situation might have been. Then I found your organization and started contributing. No one ever mentioned the possibility of this happening to me even though I was on estrogen replacement therapy and had venous insufficiency. That’s why I want to contribute to education efforts (including educating physicians) about this threat.   – Lida Sethi

In memory of Anna Frutiger.   – Susan Griffin

In memory of Anna Frutiger. Too many lives are lost! We must support NBCA!   – Pam Nichols

NBCA is doing such important work. Happy to support.   – Laura Barker

In loving memory of my daughter, Brianne Grimm, who passed away at age 22 from a blood clot that traveled to her lungs.   – Nancy Grimm

In loving memory of my mother-in-law, Rebecca Smoke. Happy Mother’s day!   – Seth Johnson

Happy to support in honor of my friend, Amy Kearbey.   – Eric Zimmerman

In memory of my mom, Judi Darling.   – Terry Darling

In honor of our daughters, Lindsay Mulshine & Gillian Hatley.   – Christy & Richard Morford

In memory of my mother, Gayle Gozdor. I am grateful for NBCA’s work on a cause that has impacted me personally. STOP THE CLOT.   – Amy Procknal

In honor of Amy Kearbey.   – Cathy and Marc Scheineson

Because too many friends & family members have had clots and luckily have lived to tell the tale.   – Jessica Nielsen Causey

I survived a PE a few weeks ago.   – Keith Whitford

In honor of my mother, Mildred V. Henry, who died of a pulmonary embolism when I was a college freshman. Ten years ago I learned that I have Factor V Leiden and the G20210A mutation.   – Richard Henry

In honor of my friend Jarron. I really care about my friend and I want to spend years getting to know him. I want to help in any way I can.   – Mary Taylor 

Really important work to educate providers to improve early detection of this particular disease and I am delighted to support the initiative in this area.   – Joel Michaels

I am a survivor!   – Mara Larson

In Honor of Amy Kearbey.   – Shirley Kearbey

In memory of my daughter, Christina.   – Karen DeSantis

Thanks to the many fine doctors and nurses at Methodist Hospital who helped me survive a massive saddle embolism nearly two years ago.   – Jill Wilson

Happy to support in honor of Amy Kearbey.   – Sally Rosenberg

In honor of Michelle Hannan – I am thankful every day you are ok. – Joanne De Nicola

In memory of Darrin Tvrdy. – Joanna Barrett

In honor of my daughters, Sara Wyen and Mollie Phythyon. – Bill Phythyon

In honor of all blood clot patients and families. – Judi Elkin

In honor of Judi and Steve Elkin – to a great cause! – Lisa and Barry Fireman

To all who suffer this fate and live well. – Fred Dorman

In honor of McCord Rayburn – thanks for inspiring me to be kinder, more patient, and better every day. – Lowell Combs 

In honor of all those affected by blood clots. – Debra Neville

In memory of Daniel G. Witt. – Dan Witt