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Courtesy of Tom Hogan, Secretary/Treasurer – National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA)

2008 marks the 10th Anniversary of the fvleiden.org Website.  NBCA would officially like to congratulate Deborah Smith, creator of the fvleiden.org Website, for her contributions to the blood Deb Smithclot and blood clot disorder community over the past 10 years.

Started in 1998, Deb created the fvleiden.org website to help provide answers and support to patients who were diagnosed with blood clot disorders.  Being diagnosed with Factor V Leiden herself, Deb wanted to ensure that other patients diagnosed had information readily available through creation of a central website which provided facts and information about blood clots and clotting disorders.  Her website also allowed patients to share their experiences by way of an email forum.  Deb is a true Pioneer of blood clot and blood clot disorder patient advocacy!

Several of NBCA’s own Board of Directors (Liz Varga, Lori Preston, and Tom Hogan) began their own self-education quest via Deb’s Website.  Additionally, along the way, Deb enlisted the medical support of Dr. Stephan Moll, Chairman of NBCA’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, who provided an “Ask the Doctor” section on her website.

Having joined the fvleiden.org website my self back in 1998, I would like to offer my sincere congratulations and appreciation on behalf of NBCA to Deb Smith and fvleiden.org!

Happy Anniversary!

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