I Had My First PE at 16: Cassie’s Story

…were attributed to hormone-based birth control, and my mother’s history was not considered relevant when I first started birth control pills. We were both diagnosed with Anti-Thrombin III (AT III)…

Take Control and Take Steps to Prevent Blood Clots: Ashley’s Story

…all surprised to see a young, active 24-year-old in the hospital for blood clots. My hematologist determined the blood clot was due to a recent change in my birth control

I Want to Use My Experience to Help Others: Samantha’s Story

I had zero problems with my health until three years ago, when I was 19, and started on birth control pills to treat acne that did not respond to over…

I Still Can’t Bend My Left Foot: Marjorie’s Story

…a blood clot. If you’re unsure of your family’s genetic history, you might want to find out if you have a clotting disorder before you take birth control. Hormonal Birth

I’m a 22-Year-Old Nursing Student, and I Experienced a Blood Clot: Katie’s Story

…clots in my lungs. The only risk factor I had was taking estrogen-based birth control. I have never smoked, I am not overweight, and I don’t have a sedentary lifestyle….

I Refused to Accept Asthma as my Diagnosis: Laura’s Story

…other than the birth control pill. The doctors suggested that I might have other conditions associated with blood clotting risk, such as cancer, since they did not think the birth

Persistence Is Sometimes Needed to Get a Correct Diagnosis: Theresa’s Story

…and had been on birth control for 10 years before I conceived. It was a Thursday night when I first felt a tingling and slight soreness in my left leg….

Initially Misdiagnosed With Asthma: Anonymous’ Story

…OK to fly. I took birth control pills for more than 20 years, but stopped them immediately after my DVT and PEs were diagnosed. Apparently, the combination of travel over…

May is Women’s Health Month

…times. Learn More Birth Control & Blood …