NBCA Announces New Stoplight Risk Evaluation Tool For Blood Clots

NBCA Announces New Stoplight Risk Evaluation Tool For Blood Clots

Stop the clot toolFor Immediate Release

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 – Tarrytown NY – NBCA unveiled the latest educational resource to help Stop The Clot®- a new risk evaluation tool for the public designed to convey risk for blood clots in an easy to view and read stoplight tool.  The tool shows high, medium and low risk with red, yellow and green lights.

The tool puts into perspective various risk factors including hospital stays, surgery, age, medical history, birth control use, genetic factors and other health factors to quickly show relative risk in a an easy to understand context.  The stoplight theme was devised to fit in with NBCA’s campaign to Stop The Clot.

  • Red – Blood Clots
  • Yellow – Blood Slows.
  • Green – Blood Flows.

NBCA extends its congratulations to Mary Ellen McCann for her creativity in developing the Stoplight Risk Evaluation  tool.   It is hoped the tool will help alert many Americans to the risks of blood clots in an appropriate way without causing undue alarm.  NBCA also extends its thanks to Jeff Harrison for his design work, and all of MASAB for their review and Jack Ansell for his creative contributions.

The Stoplight tool can be viewed and downloaded at the NBCA website at www.stoptheclot.org.  The public is invited to take a brief survey to provide feedback on the tool.  For more information on the tool please send an email to info@stoptheclot.org.

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