Stope the Clot, Spread the Word

Risk Checklist, Learn Your Risk!

  • Hospitalization for illness or surgery
  • Major surgery, particularly of the pelvis, abdomen,
    hip, knee
  • Severe trauma, such as a car accident
  • Injury to a vein that may have been caused by a
    broken bone or severe muscle injury
  • Hip or knee replacement surgery
  • Cancer and cancer treatments
  • A family history of blood clots
  • Pregnancy and up to 3 months after the baby is born
  • The use of hormone replacement therapy, which
    contains estrogen
  • Use of birth control methods that contain estrogen,
    such as the pill, patch or ring
  • Obesity
  • Confinement to bed
  • Sitting too long, especially with legs crossed

If any of these risks apply to you, speak with your cancer doctor or healthcare team.
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