Team Stop The Clot® / 2015 TCS NYC Marathon Crosses the Finish Line

Our thanks to the runners and donors of the 2015 TCS / NYC Marathon Team Stop The Clot® for their tremendous support of the National Blood Clot Alliance. Their efforts and generosity will go a long way in supporting our mission by reaching more people, building awareness and saving lives.

We’re proud to share the inspiring words and pictures from our Team members.

Team Stop The Clot® gathers outside of Amaranth Restaurant, Marathon Eve.


Phil Kean receiving the “Top Fundraiser Ever” award.


Team Stop The Clot® and guests at Amaranth Restaurant, Marathon Eve.


Clotbuster Kristine Hinterkopf easily spotted through the crowded streets of NYC.

Such a fun race!! So stoked to run it as part of this incredible team. Congrats to everyone today!! It was a blast. – Kristine Hinterkopf


Phil Kean created a painstaking work of art on his “tribute cape” by writing the names of his 400+ donors in template-drawn Clotbuster polka dots.


Jennie Loucks all geared up and ready to go.

Dinner was amazing, but meeting you all was truly the highlight of my trip! Thanks for being so inspiring throughout this entire journey! I hope everyone had an INCREDIBLE run yesterday and enjoyed the experience. I know I did! Hearing people yell from the crowd, ‘Stop the Clot,’ or ‘Clot Crusher’ had me in tears on numerous occasions…we won’t even talk about the finish line.  – Jennie Loucks


Faith Delaney stopped a moment for a congratulatory hug and photo shoot.

The marathon was such an amazing experience. Starting on the Verrazano Bridge with the incredible view of the city and Sinatra’s New York, New York blasting was just an incredible feeling and got me choked up. I saw people of all ways of life- young, old, blind, disabled. I saw it all and it was so inspiring. It truly was one big party for the runners and I loved every minute of it. I would have never guessed at 40 I would have run my first marathon. I feel so lucky that this opportunity was given to me but wish I didn’t have to do it for the reason I did. If you ever have a desire to do it, do it! – Faith Delaney



Long-time friends and first-time Marathon partners, Mike Nieto and Angie Morefield smiling through Brooklyn.


Phil Kean running to the finish… cape intact.


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