New White House Healthcare Coverage Awareness Campaign Features Blood Clot Patient

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ICYMI:  As the February 15 deadline to obtain healthcare coverage approaches, NBCA learned that the White House, in an effort to optimize enrollment for healthcare coverage among younger people, has targeted professional video gaming, or e-sports, to appeal to a more youthful sub-segment of the public.

In a recent PSA focused on the importance of healthcare coverage, a number of well-known gamers speak about their struggles to obtain health coverage and their own health insurance needs.

Featured among the pro-gamers who appeared on camera are Geoff Robinson, a blood clot survivor, and his wife Anna Prosser-Robinson. Together, they recount Geoff’s experience with a life-threatening blood clot, and point to the importance of healthcare coverage in his case.

Watch the PSA here:  Video Gamers, Healthcare Coverage PSA


Author: L F