Bust a Move “Stop the Clot®”

Bust a Move “Stop the Clot®”

March 31, 2017


Are you ready to Bust a Move “Stop the Clot®” January 21 – March 31, 2017?

Have you seen the videos of people dancing as a part of the new, volunteer-led virtual awareness campaign? Bust A Move “Stop The Clot®” was created by Hilary Landers, a student at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and a blood clot survivor, in hopes of sparking conversations about blood clots.  

How it Works:
  1. Donate to the National Blood Clot Alliance.
  2. Share a video of yourself dancing to your favorite song, or showing off your favorite dance moves and share it on social media (be sure to tag Bust a Move “Stop the Clot®”).
  3. Challenge your friends to do the same: donate, dance and share.

If you can bust a move and show your dance skills, you can help “Stop the Clot®” by raising funds and awareness for the National Blood Clot Alliance.

Ways You Can Help from January 21 – March 31:
  • Donate to the campaign.
  • Record a video of yourself dancing to your favorite song or performing your favorite dance moves and share it on social media (see an example here).
  • Purchase a Blood Clot Survivor t-shirt here.
Connect with Bust a Move “Stop the Clot®”:

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