Michigan Dentists Address Managing Their Patients on Blood Thinners and Promote DVT/PE Awareness

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The National Blood Clot Alliance is proud to report that the August issue of The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association provides comprehensive coverage of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism awareness and prevention directed at dentists.

This issue includes comprehensive guidance on the “Management of Oral Anticoagulation in Patients Undergoing Minor Dental Procedures”.  In addition, the issue features coverage of DVT and PE in personal stories from Michigan dentists who were directly affected by blood clots as a cover story /centerpiece for the August issue, including:   the sad story of Anna, a dental student, whose life ended just after her 23rd birthday, as told by her parents, Michigan dentists Sara Wassenaar and Richard Frutiger; the story of Daniel King, DDS who had a DVT after a plane flight; and, Daniel Peters, DDS who describes his personal journey with factor V Lieden thrombophilia.

Randy Fenninger, National Blood Clot Alliance President, said that “what the Michigan Dental Association has achieved in publishing in this journal is a model of interdisciplinary cooperation in promoting awareness and prevention of DVT/PE among health care professionals and the public at large.”


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